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Private Prolongation /
Insurance for non-grantees or Family Members

Accompanying or joining family members of Erasmus Mundus participants cannot be covered by our ERASMUS MUNDUS INSURANCE. The same applies to individual extentions of the stay abroad upon completion of the programme as well as to non-grantees who purchase their insurance individually.

In such cases, we recommend our insurance cover PROTRIP-WORLD for a stay abroad. The monthly fee starts at € 29,10 for persons under the age of 39. The insurance premium, depending on the destination and the home country, has to be paid in full by credit card or direct debit. Individuals with a German or Austrian bank account can also pay the monthly fee by direct debit.

Please note that pre-existing conditions are not covered by PROTRIP-WORLD. There is no obligation to perform in case of illnesses, ailments and their consequences existing or known at the start of the insurance cover. The same applies to the consequences of illnesses and accidents treated during a period of six months prior to the start of the insurance cover. Click here for further information on benefits and exclusion of benefits under PROTRIP-WORLD:

Benefits and Exclusion of Benefits

You can purchase PROTRIP-WORLD quickly and easily online. You will immediately receive your insurance certificate.

Continue to purchase PROTRIP-WORLD online for family members, persons extending their stay abroad and non-grantees


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